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We really care about data. Our vision is Democratising data.
Sesam collect, connect and share data – in a secure and controlled way.
Better data will empower businesses and individuals.

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Business data

Sesam delivers an innovative data platform for businesses that help them utilize the value of their data. By collecting, connecting and sharing the data they already have, but that are hidden inside their different IT systems. Businesses use Sesam Data Platform to increase the quality of their data, increase their agility to use their data in new ways, or simply save money by reducing time and cost of integrations in general.

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Personal data

Sesam helps you get control over your personal data. First you collect your digital footprint from the businesses that has keeps your data, then you can connect the data and store then securely, and if you want, you can share your data with anyone you like. If you live in the EU, the Sesam Key is an almost magic device, straight out of the story “1001 bytes”. It can help you open your hidden data inside all the companies in the world, and claim it for yourself. When you have collected your data, you can store them securely in the Personal Sesam Data Portal.

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Open data

Sesam helps anyone who has data they can share with the world. Data is the most valuable assets in the world, and its reusable without losing value! The Open Sesam Data Platform lets you collect open data from all the various sources out there, connect the data between all the different data providers and across domains, and then shearing the data effectively with anyone – for free.


Award-winning GDPR platform

Sesam GDPR Platform was awarded top 3 in the competition;
"Privacy by design in practice" 2017, by The Norwegian Data Protection Authority. The aim of the competition was to focus on and establish privacy-enhancing technologies. Particularly important for the jury's decision was that the solution would make it easier for businesses to act in accordance to the General Data Protection Regulation and to strengthen the information security of the personal data processed by the company. The Data Protection Authority also emphasized how the Sesam solution can clean up old systems in relation to the data subject's rights.

About Sesam

Sesam is a data platform powered by the Sesam Engine, a Data Hub iPaaS.
Sesam is mentioned as a sample vendor in Gartner’s report “Hype Cycle for Platform as a Service 2017”.
Sesam is part of Bouvet, a Norwegian consultancy company listed on the stock exchange.

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