Free your data - for free!
Sesam helps anyone who has data they can share with the world.
Data is the most valuable assets in the world, and its reusable without loosing value!

The Open Sesam Data Platform lets you collect open data from all the various sources out there, connect the data between all the different data providers and across domains, and then shearing the data effectively with anyone – for free.

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The engine

The Sesam Engine is the heart of every Sesam solution. The engine makes data collection effective and standardized, solving the primary problem with today’s open data; the diversity of the ways to collect them.

Every Sesam user has free access to setting up data feeds and sharing them with the community. No boundaries - Anarchy for the IT!

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The portal

Sesam has started collecting, connecting and sharing some of the open datasets available. We collect them from various files and APIs around the internet using our Open Data Platform. We connect them together using any common identifiers we can find, and shares the data in the Open Sesam Data Portal.

The portal lets you search and navigate the connected data, and use location, time and facets to efficiently drill down to the data you need.


About Sesam

Sesam is a data platform powered by the Sesam Engine, a Data Hub iPaaS.
Sesam is mentioned as a sample vendor in Gartner’s report “Hype Cycle for Platform as a Service 2017”.
Sesam is part of Bouvet, a Norwegian consultancy company listed on the stock exchange.

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