SESAM engine

This is your bank. This is where you store your valuable data.

You own your data. Period.
It's your choice what you want to do with it.
If you want to share your data with others to achieve valuable services or benefits,
then it's up to you - and only you.

Sesam cannot access your data in any way. And we never will either, ever.
Sesam is just the platform between the users and the companies.

The key unlocks your vault

More about the portal

The Data Portal is a secure store for your personal data.
The data is securely stored, and encrypted using the Sesam Key App that you can install on your phone.

You can upload data to your Data Portal using the Sesam Engine. The engine will encrypt your data using the Sesam Key, and send the data to your portal. You can also ask the companies who has data about you to upload that data to your Personal Data Portal. This feature is controlled using the Sesam Key App.

You can view your data using your favorite web browser. The browser uses the key from the Sesam Key app to decrypt the data and show it to you. Any data in the portal is only accessible to you.

In the portal you can search, filter and navigate through your data. You will be able to show all the data about you, regardless of their origin, in one place.

If you want to share your data with anyone, you can download all the data in a standardized format, and share the parts you want, with whoever you want.

the key icon

The key

Your data is in the possession of someone else. You need a device to get back the control. The Sesam Key, can help you. It can unlock your data, and give you a copy of them. It can lock down your data, so the keeper must stop using them. And it can delete the data, so it is no longer available for anyone to use.

If you live in the EU, the Sesam Key can control every company who processes your data. One key to rule them all…

the engine icon

The engine

The Sesam Engine is the heart of every Sesam solution. The engine makes data collection effective and secure, encrypting all data automatically so no one can access then without the Sesam Key.

The Sesam Engine connects data regardless of the source, and can even connect data based on artificial intelligence.

the portal icon

The portal

Sesam can connect your data and store them for you – if you want. Sesam can connect your “digital diary”, collected by all the companies of the world.

The Personal Sesam Data Portal lets companies send you data securely to you, and let you see all the collected data, connected and ready to be shared by you, with just the ones you like.


About Sesam

Sesam is a data platform powered by the Sesam Engine, a Data Hub iPaaS.
Sesam is mentioned as a sample vendor in Gartner’s report “Hype Cycle for Platform as a Service 2017”.
Sesam is part of Bouvet, a Norwegian consultancy company listed on the stock exchange.

More about the Sesam product.

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